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Open Source Software on the upswing!!!

Open Source Software on the Upswing!!!

“Yes” to say the least! The term “open source software” refers to software that comes along with its source code and the person can modify it to suit their needs and share because its design is publicly accessible and available!

Over the past few years as a lot of the bigger corporations have pressed on against piracy a lot of focus has come back on the Open source software and freeware. While a lot of open source software is also promoted by the bigger business houses, a lot still remains in the hands of the independent developer community. The independent developer community is fast growing and has been coming up with features to the open source softwares in most domains to keep up with the commercial solutions. They have been doing a good job at it!!

In the coming few years as the bottom line pressures hit more and more companies will be looking at going in for open source software solutions to save license costs. At the same time the open source developer community has also benefited by providing paid support and hosted solutions to small and medium enterprises.

Outside the OS and Documentation suite market, the biggest open source tools remain as CRM, IP-PBX, ticketing software, Domain controllers, HRMS solutions, Inventory management solutions etc. You name a requirement area and you have a open source solution that is covering that area quite well. Very soon all decision makers will be looking at what option they have on the open source side, before making key purchase decisions.

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