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Windows phones going the wrong way in 2017

With mobile apps use booming over the last few years, we have seen all app providers providing apps for the two major platforms iOS and Android. Windows has been the poor third sibling. With App developers not just ready to adopt and support a third platform! With low market share, app developers have not felt the need to support windows phones as the cost of developing and maintaining the app is much lower than the investment. Due to this an increasing number of smaller app developers including the start ups keep away.

As this vivacious cycle of lower number of apps continues, the number of people will keep decreasing. Any one making a decision to buy a new phone does of course think of what all apps he can use on the phone. The windows phone having a low number is definately not working in its favour.

There are tweets from people where people are saying:

“Looks like i need to dump my #windowsphone as i am struggling to get basic necessity apps for sustaining life in singapore”

Things are not looking great for windows phone, and if things dont improve soon, well it may be the starting of the end of windows phone!!


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