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About blissweb

Bliss was founded by capable technocrats in 2010, with deep expertise in IT & ITES and delivery experience for several clients across the globe.

Bliss provides its clients with IT software setup, installation and maintenance services. Thus enabling there customers to focus on the core processes and create new opportunities and nurture long term relationships with their customers.

Bliss also provides end to end consulting services in starting from statement of work to design, implementation and delivery, so that our customers can leverage our experience to achieve success.

The management team of Bliss has worked with companies such as Hughes, Aricent, Motorola, Vodafone and Quantm and has over 50 years of IT & ITES Industry experience.

The focus of this website/blog is to share our knowledge/ideas with the world.  The things here are going to be wide ranging, you will get content related to not only technology Рopen source and proprietary, but also sports, diet and nutrition, photography, spirituality, traveling, well basically everything under the sun!!!

You are welcome to read, comment and help us get better on everything!!





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